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Reinventing Human Resource Management Strategies!

HR is the core of every organization, entrusted with the crucial role of human resource management. Although it is conventionally known to deal with the pay review, hiring, and firing procedures, it no longer remains confined to these. It has now incorporated a myriad of other things into its definition that are essential in establishing a positive business culture, ensuring enhanced performance, employee engagement, and productivity.

The ever-changing business environment demands state-of-the-art solutions for effective implementation and execution of People strategies. HR, which potentially acts as a core for any business, plays an imperative role in promoting the growth and success of a business across all industries.

The current backdrop calls for fresh, agile, and adaptive approaches to HR practices and operations. Moreover, the prevailing pandemic has further reinforced the idea of new thinking and new strategies to engage with our customers in order to adapt to the current new normal. That is why we strive to provide businesses with the best and cost-effective HR solutions and consultancy to help them in strategic human resource management. Unlocking more innovations in their HR practices will certainly let them reach new levels of success!


In the current scenario of this new normal, when every individual and organization is posed with numerous challenges, the best strategy to positively steer your business is by reinventing and reviving the ideas, strategies, and business models. Reinventing HR is one of the effective ways to overcome these challenges. That is where our work starts.

Mishkaat Solutions is your most reliable partner, aimed at assisting you to understand the bigger picture and see the hidden opportunities which are not always visible. We help our clients to prosper in markets recovering in V-shape, L-shape, U-shape, and K-shape recovery models in these uncertain times and the new normal.

The main goal of our endeavor is to provide the best, seamless, and cost-effective HR solutions and strategies to provide businesses and organizations with a competitive edge. Our phenomenal HR strategies will let you focus on your business while WE take care of your HR needs. We ensure the newest regulations and best practices while assuring that they are in compliance with the state’s laws, policies, and regulations.

Consider us your strategic partners! We are here to help you steer your business to new levels of success!


Our pervasive research and unprecedented expertise have helped us fathom the notion of establishing and sustaining HR operational excellence. In our eyes, HR is the facilitator of business performance management, therefore, we strive to provide the best HR solutions for our clients to assist them in achieving their business goals. We ensure the delivery of the best services for your human resource management and development. The main objective of our efficient HR strategies and solutions is to assist the organizations in bringing out the best by enhancing their capabilities, proficiency, and performance.

We believe in delivering excellence! So get the best and forget the rest with our state-of-the-art HR strategies and solutions!


The strategic HR consulting services of Mishkaat Solutions stretch over the complete scope of the HR world, encompassing the HR transactional and functional management, along with managing the talent and devising processes. We can deal with any strategic and operational aspect of HR while focusing on the provisions of the right skills, strategies, and talent to augment your business growth. We can also outsource our resources to help you accomplish your goals more efficiently.

With years of professional experience in local and multinational organizations, Mishkaat Solutions facilitates clients in a wide variety of strategic and operational HR improvements for human resource development by:

  • Conducting sessions and focus groups (both online and
    face-to-face) to understand the clients’ current position and their strategic planning.
  • Suggesting customized transformation initiatives to the needs
    and goals of the clients, keeping a keen focus on new normal and changing customers’ preferences, and internal and external business context
  • Designing customized and dynamic reporting tools with the latest data analytics platforms
    • Designing and implementing HR Restructuring and HR Strategies
      (short-term and long-term) covering employee lifecycle from hire to retire that includes:
  • Developing and implementing customized training programs
    post-Training Need Assessment (TNA) at individual, teams, and organizational levels
  • Designing and implementation of End-to-end Cyber Security and IT Governance infrastructure, consulting workshops, independent security audits, GDPR Compliance infrastructure
  • Updating / modifying existing processes, procedures, and SOPs
  • Assisting Environmental Management System upgrades and Gap
    Analysis ISO 14001 and Quality Management Systems ISO 9001
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