Training Development and Coaching

Planning training sessions to deliver training to the employees is one of the key responsibilities of HR, and Mishkaat Management Solutions is ready to help you in this endeavor.

Training Development and Coaching

The maintenance of progressive work culture and the growth of an organization requires continuous development of its employees. That underscores the need for training and coaching to equip them with the knowledge of the latest trends along with skills to help them cope with and adapt to any change in the business environment.

Such HR training and development programs are deemed crucial globally for the success of any organization since they provide opportunities to the employees for improving their skills and increase productivity.

Our HR consultants and professionals have years of expertise working with local and multinational firms, studying, and observing business trends to train staff. Whether it's on the job training or online training, we will make sure that you get the best services!

Our Training Development and Coaching Service and the type of training we provide

The training delivery methods that we use for HR training and development include:

  • On-the-job coaching training delivery

  • Mentoring and coaching training delivery

  • Web-based training delivery

  • Job shadowing training delivery

  • Vestibule training delivery

The above mentioned methods aim to deliver the following types of training to the employees:

  • Technical/Technology Training

  • Quality Training

  • Skills Training

  • Professional and Legal Training

  • Team Training

  • Managerial Training

  • Safety Training

  • Sales Training

  • New Employee Training

  • Apprenticeships

Outcomes of the training

  • Increased productivity

  • Best performance

  • Standardization of work process

  • An improved knowledge base of the organization

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Increased motivation and employee morale

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