Manpower Solutions

It’s all about having the right quantity and quality of personnel at the
right time for the right things!

Manpower Solutions

Personnel management is critical to every organization’s performance; therefore good manpower planning is essential. Manpower planning is a vital strategic activity that helps firms anticipate, identify, choose, and retain the most useful and beneficial employee. Manpower planning focuses on the existing and desired future positions of the organization’s human resources. 

We at Mishkaat Management Solutions facilitate the process of estimating the optimum number of resources required for your tasks, projects as well as goals. Our Manpower Modeling focuses on parameters such as the number of personnel, type of skills and capabilities, etc.

Our team of experts can help your organization in:

  • Forecasting Staffing Needs

  • Forecasting Internal Supply

  • Forecasting External Supply

  • Correcting Shortage or Surplus

Outcomes of Manpower Planning

  • Assist in faster recruitment and speedy hiring.

  • Right people with the right skill set to give accurate and trustworthy results

  • Best match for the job role

  • Optimization of talent

  • Best Talent for succession planning

  • Talent - skills management

  • Efficient utilization and management of personnel

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