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HR Transformation

The current complicated HR environment has called for improvement in HR to facilitate the strategy and choose the path for the organization’s success via right and cost-effective approaches. We believe that no opportunities for growth can be overlooked or skipped. Therefore, we will transform your HR, helping you solve your business and work-related issues by leveraging technology and strategy. We will support you in your transformation journey by assisting you in strategic human resource management via setting the HR strategy, upgrading the evolving role of HR in your business, simplifying your HR operations, and strengthening the renewed systems and processes.

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Shared Services

Shared services increase HR efficiency by centralizing administrative activities at a single place in an organization while reducing the cost. Mishkaat Solutions provide efficient HR shared services that are service-focused and flexible to business requirements and needs. With increased customer focus, you will get high-quality results.

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Objectives & Key Results

Objectives & Key Results are not a new phenomenon for the corporate world. Peter Drucker developed the management by objective system (MBO) in 1954, which was transformed to OKRs by Andrew Grove, who developed the concept of Objectives & Key Results in 1968. In 1974, John Doerr started using OKRs in Intel and introduced them to the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, marking the beginning of their popularity. OKRs are now recognized as a key factor in Google’s success and like Google, thousands of companies across the world are taking advantage of OKRs in meeting their goals.

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Organization Design

Most of the organizations are still working on the traditional working methodologies, operating models, and approaches. The current situation of the new normal has already made it clear that every business needs to rethink its strategies to sustain and grow under the ever-changing circumstances. That means they need to set their mission, vision, and values and bring their workforce close to the mission. Those who share the same vision and values tend to get better results. We will be glad to assist you by setting the strategy of your organization and derive from it the mission, vision, and values that will contribute to the shared goals.

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Organization Strategy

The organizations that have a clear sense of what they want to achieve will instill this sense in their employees in order to work towards achieving the targeted goals. With a solid strategy, the organization will have a definitive purpose that will be interpreted by multiplying the strengths and overcoming the weaknesses, simultaneously capitalizing on the opportunities and carefully managing through the threats.

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Manpower Solutions

Manpower planning is critical for personnel management in any organization as its success is contingent on it. Considering this, HR experts at Mishkaat Solutions are committed to providing the best manpower planning and modeling services. We will review your existing manpower resources while determining their future availability and requirements. Our manpower planning model will help you explore those facets of the system that can’t be directly observed, assisting you in personnel management for accomplishing your business goals.

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Training Delivery

The human resource department has a critical role in delivering necessary training to the company’s employees. Considering that, HR consultants and professionals at Mishkaat Solutions are always ready to lend their hand to the companies to help them instill productivity and motivation in their employees.

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ERP Implementations

Automating your different human resource administrative tasks will assist you in focusing more on your business. Simplifying your management-related tasks will reduce your workload, providing you more time to work for your business growth.

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Employee Engagement

The absence of a solid employee engagement strategy may leave you struggling with issues of low productivity, high absenteeism, and staff turnover resulting from poor motivation and lowered morale. An effective strategy, on the other hand, can greatly contribute to the positive work culture, ultimately leading to growth and success. HR consultants at Mishkaat Solutions can help enact best practices and strategies to help you keep your staff motivated, passionate, and happy.

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Core HR Operations Service

The core HR Operations include all the traditional basic functions of the human resource department.

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