Common installation issues with ERP systems and solutions.

Globalization towards digital technology is an inexorable trend. Businesses have reached a stage where Excel spreadsheets are antiquated in the kingdom of bites, big data, and algorithms; they are not only insufficient but also inefficient. Postmodern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can be used in this situation.  In this essay, we discuss the significance of … Read more

How to Implement Scalable Recruiting Function for Growth in 2023

A successful firm cannot be launched or operated without adequate human resources. They must be effective and competent enough to match the organisation’s capacity for growth.  Knowing scalability is crucial for everything from tiny startups to enormous corporations. Scalability is an organisation’s capacity to respond to shifts in the overall pace of business expansion.  If … Read more

How Does Hiring Process Improvement Technology Improve Recruitment?

The method that businesses identify, screen, and hire new employees has altered recently because to advancements in recruitment technologies. Recruitment technology has sped up, improved, and reduced the likelihood of mistakes in the hiring process, from utilising AI to match candidates to screen resumes. In fact, over 75% of businesses utilise recruiting technology to aid … Read more

Importance of HR Audit for Your Organization

It is advised that companies conduct routine HR audits as a preventative precaution to make sure they comply with South African law and adhere to best practices. HR audits are crucial because they help identify both HR triumphs and failures. An annual HR audit should be incorporated into the activities of the HR department, and … Read more

The Importance of Work Experience for Employers

Employers are always looking for the best and most qualified candidates to fill positions in their companies. One way to set yourself apart from other applicants is by having work experience. Work experience not only demonstrates your knowledge and skills but also shows employers that you understand the industry, and the job requirements, and have … Read more

A Guide to Reduce Biassed Hiring in Business Organizations

In today’s world, it is essential for business organizations to prioritize equality in all aspects. Biassed hiring practices can result in a workplace that is not reflective of the diversity of our society, and can lead to further disadvantages for certain groups or individuals. An increasingly important part of creating a healthy workplace culture is … Read more

Here’s How HR Managers Can Help Working Parents

When caring for schoolchildren who were suddenly learning at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working parents had many difficulties: They had to homeschool, locate alternative child care, and amuse bored children when the schoolwork was over. Working parents are once again forced to make a change as they juggle work obligations with family obligations … Read more

What are the HR Challenges for 2023?

2023 will be the year of “focused on fundamentals” because the current macroeconomic environment is bringing its own HR issues. However, to use the language of a recent report, businesses will be more savvy about maximizing their expenditures and put a bigger emphasis on outcomes and performance. In the past, organizations clearly paid less attention … Read more